Termite Treatment and Termite Pest Control in Goa

Have you ever noticed channels of mud along doors, cupboards or walls of your home, office or factory in Goa? Believe it or not, these are tell-tale signs of a white ant or termite infestation and you must not ignore them.

Termites are harassing pests that feed on wood and cause serious destruction to home and property around the world, and Goa is no different. Timely and thorough termite removal treatment is the only way to get rid of termites permanently, and with us as your termite treatment professionals in Goa, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Kill Termites Permanently – Hire Termite Pest Control Services Goa

Though white ants are found underground, they can easily make their way into our buildings and homes through cracks, and feed on our furniture, doors and walls, etc., causing irreparable damage and huge losses. TermiteTreatment.co.in is a name you can trust to shield your home, office, buildings and societies against termite destruction.

Hire us, an expert and professional Termite Extermination Company in Goa, and say goodbye to the stress and trauma caused by nagging termites.

We use Government-approved, safe chemicals to treat termite infestations, and offer a range of anti-termite treatment packages and yearly maintenance contracts to control termites at home and commercial buildings.

Our Anti-Termite Treatment for Every Need

To suit your needs, we offer two types of Termite Treatments in Goa –

  1. Pre-Construction Termite Treatment – The construction site is treated extensively for termites before a new building is constructed there. Our pre-construction warranty extends from 5 – 20 years.
  2. Post Construction Termite Treatment – Post construction, buildings are treated with high-quality chemicals to eradicate termite infestations. For residential and commercial flats, we offer a one-time treatment with 1 year warranty and 3 site visits to inspect the premises.

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